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go green with ICT

We must save energy and keep pollution to minimum! Choosing a platform replacing many standalone IT and communications devices has significantly save in raw material and energy which ultimately reduces carbon emissions. With these implementations and practices, Kehzen Tech strides the green miles through its sustainable services and offerings as we believe in collaborative partnership to achieve a sustainable business environment.

We are committed to
go green acquisition: Buying greener equipment!
go green use: Maximising the lifespan of ICT equipment for renewable energy production.
go green disposal: Responsible disposal of equipment.
saving on material: Less raw materials delivering required functionality contributes towards saving scares resources and materials.
saving on power: Less heat by lower power products reduces the need for air conditioned cooling.
saving on space: Less placement of ICT peripherals reduces disposal of equipment and renews energy production.

Kehzen Tech holistic Green ICT |
Intelligent Acquisition
Prolong Product / Service Life Cycle
Balance ICT Infrastructure
Green ICT Practices

Our Solutions covers the soft handling through in application software and database management; as well as the hard touching in network and security devices, desktops and helpdesk support, server management and administration, and storage services.

Leveraging the Advantages of ICT Outsourcing Services

✓ Centralised ICT management and checkpoint
✓ Comprehensive and professional ICT services and supports
✓ Proven ROI on ICT investment
✓ Effective & efficient risk management process
✓ Prompt turnaround time for professional resolution

IT Infrastructure Services

  • Data Centre Services
  • Managed Maintenance Services
  • Audit & Performance Evaluation

IT Outsourcing Services

  • Customized Application Development
  • Software System Integration
  • Application & Database Migration