Managed Work

managed work


Managed Services

Audit & performance evaluation

Data center services

ICT Infra Management

Usage Efficiency Mgt

Proven Professional IT Resolution

Our Solutions covers the soft handling through in application software and database management; as well as the hard touching in network and security devices, desktops and helpdesk support, server management and administration, and storage services.

Leveraging the Advantages of ICT Outsourcing Services

✓  Centralised ICT management and checkpoint
✓  Comprehensive and professional ICT services and supports
✓  Proven ROI on ICT investment
✓  Effective & efficient risk management process
✓  Prompt turnaround time for professional resolution
✓  Mainstream activities and production focused

IT Infrastructure Services

  • Data Centre Services
  • Managed Maintenance Services
  • Audit & Performance Evaluation

IT Outsourcing Services

  • Customized Application Development
  • Software System Integration
  • Application & Database Migration